Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday's Post

If you block out all memory of what happened to you today, you will be able to concentrate really hard and suddenly, today will really be yesterday and you will read this post and believe that I posted it last night. Not that I have a post for tonight after I post this post, uh, last night -- if I did that, we might have some sort of time-space continuum problem. And, well, you would be on drugs.

Now I'm confused.

So let me tell you why I didn't post yesterday. We started our day out a little bit late -- too late to find shoes for Mace that weren't doing this:

If I had had the time to look in all the bins and closets upstairs, it wouldn't have mattered because when I did take the time to look, much later in the day, there were no shoes that weren't two sizes too big with soles that adhered to the shoes. So I took him to school with his sole flapping in the breeze -- he probably fell down on the playground 70 times, but his teachers were kind enough not to mention it.

So after dropping the kids at their respective schools, I went to a particularly excruciating 341 meeting (bankruptcy thing) with some clients, met with a couple of other clients, then set out for the afternoon round of pickup, starting with Mace. It was his first day staying past 12:30 at school, so I was hoping he would take a nap with all the other kids and be ready to get up at 2:15 when I picked him. He didn't nap at all, not at school, and not in the car on the way to get Casey or on the way home afterward. I knew worship team practice was going to be a doozy last night, and since the kids were going to have to come with us, I put him down for a nap at 3:30. He slept until I woke him up at 5:20, when we raced over to Target, bought him a new pair of shoes, and then went to the church, where we stayed until 8:30. We would have left the church 10 or so minutes earlier had I not had to clean up the huge wet mess Mace had made in the kids' bathroom (don't tell on us, they might kick us out; you know I've been fired from church before).

So when we got home at 8:50, I raced the kids through a shower, threw Casey into bed, and then tried to get Mace to bed. I ended up in the bed with Mace and, well you know what happened next. I fell asleep, woke up a half hour or so later, stumbled to my bed and fell back asleep.

So while you may be disappointed in me as a blogger who made a hasty, hasty New Year's Resolution to blog every day (what was I thinking?), you can be proud of my parenting skills today because 1) I only let my child wear falling-apart, hazardous shoes for one day (I think -- I'm really not sure how long those shoes have been coming apart, but wouldn't I have noticed? Don't answer that.); and 2) I remembered to feed them.

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