Monday, January 11, 2010


I know you think that I am carrying on about how cold it is and that I'm a real whiner, but look, here's the ice on the creek/canal by our house:

The fish are starting to die -- really, they are. I saw two floating around belly-up yesterday. Last night on the news, the station we were watching put up a "Fish Kill Hotline" number so that if you see dead fish you can call that number. I'm not sure I see the point of reporting two dead fish to the authorities, but maybe I'm missing something. Will they take preventative measures to make sure more fish don't suffer the same cruel fate -- does the Department of Agriculture pass out fish sweaters?

My sister, who lives in Holt, Michigan, has been without a furnace for the past week -- they are running what they call "supplementary heat" off of their air conditioning, which doesn't really get warm for as much as it runs and runs and runs. But she hasn't been whining in a blog -- no sir, she's a stoic Michiganite (Michiganer? Michiganee?) now -- no whining about the weather allowed. Around 10 this morning, she said it was 19 degrees there (but only because I asked, not because she was whining). We weren't that much warmer here. Maybe I'm exaggerating -- by 10 a.m. it had gotten into the 30s here, I'm sure -- but it felt like 19. There really should be a different measuring system for temperature here in Florida -- when it's 30 here, it may as well be 10 below for all the clothing we have to protect ourselves against it. I have two sweaters -- one of them is 17 years old. I'm having to stay right on top of the laundry so everybodys' two sweatshirts and two sweaters are clean, and I don't think my 17 year old sweater is going to hold up much longer.

I'm done whining about the weather -- I promise. Let me introduce you to the newest marketing geniuses in our neighborhood:

I'm not sure what irritates me more about this sign -- the atrocious grammar, or:

. . . the absolutely shameless false claim -- they clearly do not "got all things that are good." They have one used car, a used truck, and three used golf carts -- I'm pretty sure they don't have any things that are good. A few weeks after I took this picture, the company changed the sign to say, "OMG LOL CARS." Yes, it is laugh-out-loud-swearific-hilarious that their car lot sells . . . cars!! But only two of them. Maybe it is funny. It's no trashy mannequin in a Cinco de Mayo outfit, but it will do for today.

See ya' tomorrow . . . I've got to go wash my sweaters.


  1. The correct designation is "Michigander" -- I don't know why, but that is what all say up here. The furnace fairies were here until after midnight last night and we have now have "real" heat!

    30 deegrees and sweaters sounds pretty good. We get to that sometime in April. (Not that I am whining)

  2. What's good for the Michigoose is good for the Michigander?


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