Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sign of the Times

Speaking of signs (see yesterday's post), this is the current sign outside the Guadalajara Restaurant on Hillsborough:

A couple of troubling things about this sign -- 1) legally, can "Mexican Food" and "Diet" be used in the same sentence? And 2) this restaurant is advertising tap water in Florida. Have you sampled the tap water in Florida? It's nothing to advertise. This is the same restaurant's sign that in December read "FREE tap water with meal." Are other restaurants charging for tap water now? How much? Isn't this a more telling sign of how bad the economy is than the number of foreclosures currently pending in Florida (which is 456,000, by the way)?

And another sign of the times -- instead of paying someone else to fix his wrecked bumper, Flamingo Joe decided to save money and buy one off of Ebay. It arrived today:

If you're wondering why it's sitting in the middle of our living room rug instead of, oh, I don't know, outside with all the other car-related items, it's because Flamingo Joe was worried the raccoon would carry it off in revenge for us putting the trash cans under the house.

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