Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Funny

So Joe paid for a movie "on demand" last night on Fios -- Funny People. Guess what -- not funny at all. You might be surprised that a movie about comedians isn't funny. But it isn't. It's a lot like that movie Billy Crystal made about himself growing old. Also not funny.

But these pictures -- they're funny. Well, this one is only so-so funny:

But this one is hilarious, right?

Okay, well maybe there were one or two funny parts in that movie. But nothing nearly so funny as a picture of my kid's face in a tube.

On Friday night Joe and I went on a date -- it's been several weeks I think since only the two of us went out. I hear you're supposed to do that regular-like to keep your marriage all healthy and strong, but sometimes we go out to dinner and just look at each other. Not because we don't have anything to say -- but because sometimes Flamingo Joe just doesn't say anything. Anyway, we went out on a real date to dinner and a movie. We saw It's Complicated -- I won't bore you with my critique of that one because it involves me launching into a commentary on how Hollywood often has its characters make the right choice in the end and how that's really strange considering how often preachers talk about how Hollywood condones all sorts of icky behavior (notwithstanding all that gratuitous sex -- yes, that's bad -- oh and the "F" word -- waaaay too much of that in Funny People, not It's Complicated -- though I have to say there was waaay too much of Alec Baldwin's nekkid bottom in It's Complicated -- ick -- where was I?). So while we were out at the movies, just me and Flamingo Joe, holding hands and eating popcorn, I remembered those Christmases and Thanksgivings the first few years Joe and I were married and we would get bored on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day and spend all day at the movie theater because we didn't have anything better to do than watch three movies in a row and have Twizzlers and popcorn for lunch and dinner. And it almost felt just like we were young with no kids and just happy to be hanging out at the movies. Until we got back to the truck after the movie and Joe said something about how he was turning into his dad. I didn't want to assume that he was thinking of the same goofy character trait I was thinking of, so I said, "huh?" And he pointed to the back of the truck. See, the way you know we've been married a long time is that when we got into the truck at home, I glanced at those three huge bags of garbage that we were about to take to the movies with us and it didn't bother me at all.

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  1. I didn't want to assume that he was thinking of the same goofy character trait I was thinking of, so I said, "huh?"

    Need to know this trait...


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