Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biggest Loser 9

I love Biggest Loser -- and not because I eat a big bowl of Lucky Charms while watching it every week. It's inspirational to see people who have clearly struggled their entire lives with self-esteem, guilt, and pain turn it around and realize that the weight was usually not really the issue and that it was only the symptom of something messed up in their heads. I cry every week when someone gets sent home -- it kills me.

Day 1 is the best -- they're all puking and crying and pretending they're going to quit when you know it's just selective editing on the show's part and nobody really was going to quit. You get an idea of who's the cocky one (usually a woman), talking all kinds of smack -- this person is usually one of the first three to leave the show because they're all talk and no actual sweating. I didn't see any smack-talking ones this season last night. They all seem pretty humble -- though did you see Daris' mom turn into a crazy womon when Jillian started egging her on? That Jillian is going to get her eyes scratched out one of these days.

So I watched the first show of Season 9 last night and have the following predictions:

1. The Gray Team is going all the way -- at least one of them (maybe even both) will be in the Final Four.

2. I like Daris' hair and his mom's a pistol (the Orange Team), but I'm not sure Daris will make it past episode 4. He's young enough that he thinks he still has time and when it starts getting really tough, I'm afraid he won't push himself enough to make the cut. I hope he will at least make it to the Makeover Week, though, cause I can't wait to see what happens to his hair.

3. The Green Team is going to sneak up on the other teams -- they're quiet. The quiet teams always win immunity and then end up on the Final Four by keeping their heads down.

4. The Red Team from Texas will go far because they have that internal competition thing going.

5. My prediction for the Final Four: Koli from the Gray Team, One of the women from the Green Team, Lance from the Red Team, and Michael from the White Team.

If I'm right, I'm going to reward myself with Ding Dongs.

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