Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night with the Colts Fans

It's 11:29 p.m., so technically, I can still get in a blog post today and not trash my New Year's Resolution. But oh my lands, I'm so tired. Flamingo Joe and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight after Coffeehouse to watch the Colts/Ravens game with a friend of his from work. Cindy and Shane (FJ works with Cindy) brought their friends. And a Colts gnome. And a Colts teddy bear. I understand that you are not a true fan unless you bring your good luck charms to watch the game. Completely normal. Fortunately, the Colts won, but not before the gnome and the bear were soaked in drinks that got overturned during a particularly exciting play that involved a fumbled interception. Poor little gnome.

Cindy and Shane have come to our house for the Super Bowl party we have thrown the last two years. I cannot imagine what kind of craziness will ensue at our house if the Colts are in the Super Bowl, because Shane has already promised (threatened?) to paint our house blue and white if the Colts win their next game.

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