Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't "Poor Little Mace" Me!

New Year's Resolution or no New Year's Resolution, I've decided that Saturday nights are my blogging night off. Saturdays are our Sundays anyway, what with all the church stuff we have going on that day, so Saturdays are my official blogging days off from now on. So there. Not that you're all hung up on how often I blog (well, my Mom kind of is, but she's learned how to text, so she won't really miss anything at Casa Flamingo). So the four of you who read this blog don't have to check for a post on Saturdays -- give yourself a break, watch a movie, or Glee reruns on the DVR.

You will be saddened to know that Mace is sick with whatever Dez had, but for some reason, instead of making him sluggish and weak, his illness has given him an extreme case of ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. I hate to punish the kids when they're sick, but Mace has been brutal today with Casey, poking him in the eye, smacking him on the head and chasing him around the house with kitchen implements while screaming at the top of his lungs with a trail of slime running out of his nose. It has take all of Casey's self-discipline not to throw Mace off the porch. Mace has been in timeout at least three times today, but should have been in timeout at least ten times today with a few spankings in between.

I don't care if he does look like Harry Potter in that picture, he was definitely not the wonder of the wizarding world today.


  1. Oh ! Poor Mace ! (I just had to say that. He is so darn cute!). And poor Casey too.
    I hope everyone feels better soon. Way to go Harry Potter! Ahlem

  2. just wanted you to know that blythe is keeping your hamster well fed!


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