Thursday, January 7, 2010

Midweek Update

If you've been following along with this remarkable flurry of blog postings (I'm impressing even myself this week with consistency and dedication!!), you will recall that on Monday I posted about rearranging the beds in our house to accomodate Mace's Bobo addiction. You will be happy to hear that the night after we moved the beds (Sunday night), Mace slept all night and stayed in the bed until 7:30 -- it was fantastic. The next night (Monday night), Mace again slept all night and I had to wake him up at 6:15. Tuesday night, however, he slept until 5:27 a.m., when he woke up, turned on the lamp beside his bed (he loves being able to turn that lamp on and off), got out of the bed, turned on the overhead light, walked out into the hallway and turned on two other lights, all the while muttering "Bobo? Bobo?" As if the Bobo had managed to leave his mouth in the night, hop off the bed, slip under the door and be frolicking around out in the playroom. I jumped out of bed (because when it's 5:27 you have to act quickly if you want the toddler to actually fall back asleep for 45 more minutes -- if you let him be awake too long, his day has started and you will not get back to that dream you were having about Tom Selleck playing Burt Reynold's part in Cannonball Run), ran into the hallway, and started looking for the Bobos (he sleeps with two -- has to have a spare -- he used to sleep with four). I quickly determined that, even in Bobo-land, Bobos stick pretty close to where they land and unless Mace had been sleepwalking earlier in the night, the Bobos had to still be in or around the bed. Sure enough, they were both in the bed under the covers. He had to have been laying right on top of them. He ended up falling back asleep in our bed.

As you probably recall -- the original intent in moving the beds around was to give him a bed he could safely get out of himself so that he could look for his own Bobo in the middle of the night and either get back into his own bed or crawl into ours without making me have to get up. Alas, I had not counted on his love of all things that switch on and off (most of our nightly dinners are eaten "disco-style" with the lights dimming up and down and us saying, "Mace, leave them ON" over and over). Now that he is able to get to the light switches and the lamps, he's delighted to turn on ALL the lights at 5:27 a.m. This morning, he was headed to Casey's room to flip the switches on when I headed him off in the hallway.

Still, though, I don't think it's time to wean him from the Bobo. All I need to do is unscrew all the lightbulbs in the house every night before bed and then screw them back in every morning. That's all. Definitely not time to wean from the Bobo.

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