Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grandma's Home!

Yay! Her flight came in 12 minutes early and she was waiting at the curb wondering if we were really going to come pick her up when we drove up. Lucky for me, none of the four people who read my blog were at the airport and spotted her first, because they would have hustled her into their car, knowing what a find she is! She's so nice she'd probably just stay with that strange family because they obviously need help since they went to all the trouble to kidnap her.

You're going to be disappointed in this post tonight because I have a sore-ish throat and a headache so I'm headed to bed. Hopefully I haven't hugged you or licked the doorknobs at your house in the last few days, cause I'm afraid I'm getting what Dez has. Or maybe I'm a hypochondriac. We'll know tomorrow morning.


  1. If I knew Grandma's flight number and her arrival time, I would have kidnapped Grandma :) She sounds wonderful! I hope you are feeling better this morning. Ahlem

  2. You didn't lick any door knobs, the last time you were at my house, did you? Ben has been under the weather the past day or so. Hmmmm? :)


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