Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 2

Maria got a bloody nose when she fell at the balance-beam-over-the-pool challenge. So as the ambulance was pulling away, Allison (the host) assessed the two pound penalty against Maria's team because they didn't complete the challenge and therefore lost. Vicious!! But I think Jillian nailed it -- Maria was making her worst fears come to life. She's afraid of the water, so Jillian made her get out in the pool in the pouring rain until she wasn't afraid of the water anymore.

I bet Jillian could help me get over my fear of interpretive dance. I'm going to stay away from her. (Don't you think that girl is looking straight at me?)

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  1. i still think that was a random girl who just started dancing...it was an interpretative hijacking


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