Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions That Should Have Been

Looking back on 2008, I realize that I actually accomplished, through no talent or real effort, several goals I would never have known to aspire to on January 1, 2008. I like to feel like I've accomplished something, so let's pretend this was the list I made one year ago and then I can check each item off:

1) See all 6 Star Wars Movies. Check.
2) Read each book in The Chronicles of Narnia, three times each. Check.
3) Sleep uninterrupted through the night only 25 times. Check.
4) Learn how to use a nebulizer. Check.
5) Find out exactly how many friends I have (104). Check (thank you, Facebook).
6) Find out exactly how many people I have completely forgotten existed (67). Check (thank you again, Facebook).
7) Figure out what happened to that guy I dated for so long in college. Check (and again, thank you, Facebook). (If you're curious, too, google "Dc Riggs.")
8) Accept the fact that I am now two sizes bigger than I was before the kids were born. Check.
9) Stop exercising altogether. Check.
10) Learn all the names of the engines in the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. Check.
11) Create a blog that four people read regularly but I pretend like the whole world reads. Check.

See what you can accomplish in a year if you really set your mind to it?

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