Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Cream Dance

Just thought you all might want to see the ice cream dance. Have I told you about the Flamingos and ice cream? The Flamingos (meaning, those individuals in my immediate and extended family whose genetic material comes from Joe's side, not mine) have this thing about ice cream. They love it. They must have it. Every night. And do you see that little bowl Joe is holding? That's the baby-sized bowl. When the other Flamingos eat ice cream, it's in bowls big enough to fit three or four large scoops. Joe is still on the P90X diet and exercise program (sorry honey, I meant "lifestyle change"), so he is trying his best not to partake in the nightly Flamingo ice cream ritual. You'll note, however, that he has control of Mace's bowl so he can sneak a few bites when no one is looking. The disadvantage to passing on a genetic predisposition for ice cream addiction to your children is that they expect ice cream every night after dinner and this tends to counteract any positive physical benefits said children would have received by spending three hours earlier in the day running around like banshees at Rolly Pollies. But the upside to ice cream addiction in young children is this:

You can get your table cleared in seconds if no gets any ice cream until the table's clean.

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