Saturday, January 3, 2009

High Class

I know you all have been wondering about our level of sophistication here at Casa Flamingo and I think this photo should dash all false hopes you may have had up to this point that those "finishing classes" I took out in that trailer on the Pearson Highway actually "took" --

And if me squeezing my own son out of the driver's seat so I could have a turn driving the mini-tractor wasn't enough to convince you, the upturned Home Depot bucket there in the background that hasn't moved in a year ought to remove all doubt you may have that debutante classes will not be held at Casa Flamingo come spring.

And to top it off, here's what we do for entertainment after dinner at our house:

I know. It's impossible to laugh without snorting when you watch that. We are soooo high class.


  1. Upturned Home Depot Bucket
    Once again, I'm fending off these passive aggressive attacks on my character - who's the one that will be moving that bucket? That bucket is covering up the splice in the 220 power line going to the well pump, which I found while using a metal handled shovel to dig out the sprinkler right next to it. As a technical point, the steel handle on the shovel turned out to be an excellent electrical conductor. I've been a little hesitant to go and dig it out again to put in a proper splice box. Much like the dog doesn't go near the electric fence wire surrounding the patch of green even though it hasn't been turned on for over a year.


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