Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's That Button?

Oh my lands it was cold this morning! There was ice on the windshield when Casey and I were leaving for school. We were running a smidge late, so when I saw the ice I had to run around the outside of the house looking for something to scrape it off with. I found a pack of little lightbulbs in a plastic package and scraped furiously at the ice for two or three minutes until I'd made a hole large enough to look through. We were still a hazard to other drivers for at least 8 minutes, however, due to poor visibility. Then, on the way from school to work, I saw this button:

We've had this car since early 2003 and I have not once pushed that button. Ever. I had forgotten that such a button existed in my car. I love Florida.

[If you were hoping to see a picture of Trashy Pirate's wardrobe change today, I'm sorry you're disappointed. Two days ago, she had added an actual eye patch to her ensemble and a racy little black jacket complete with lace. Today she was back to just regular old Trashy Pirate clothes. I missed my window of opportunity and worse, failed you. I feel terrible. I'll make it up to you. Not sure how, but I'll think of something.]


  1. That button defrosts the BACK window...and maybe you could re-dress the trashy pirate with articles from your (our) trashy pirate costume.

  2. When we moved to Raleigh I found so many new buttons in my car I never knew existed. There was even a little snow flake that lit up to tell you it was cold out and roads may have ice! Now in my new mini van I have heated seat and actually use them!


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