Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thinking Inside the Box

Understandably, you have a lot of questions about this picture. I can't answer them. Just don't call DCF -- there was plenty of air in there.

This day has just been eye-opening for me. My laptop is officially unfixable, but The Computer Guy is making me a new one and it will be ready on Thursday. I didn't realize that there are people who make a living by building computers for other people. Is that naive? I thought all computers were mass-produced somewhere in a very clean factory and then shipped to the Best Buys of the world and you just had to pick one of those. But you don't have to be one of the huddled masses when it comes to computers, apparently. You can pay someone to make you your own computer and it costs the same (or less, if you can sell your old computer's components on E-bay -- did you know you could do that??).

And did you know (you probably did) that even if you apologize to someone, say what you did was inexcusably rude, own up to your rash and inconsiderate behavior, etc., -- that the victim really won't feel better until they bless you out for it? You still have to sit there and take it and apologize some more and tell them they are absolutely right some more, etc., etc., until they are done. Because you were wrong and you deserve it and now you get to experience some of those consequences that you are always droning on and on to your kids about. Life lesson for you. Good to know.

And one more thing just to give you something to look forward to -- trashy pirate had a costume change today -- but I didn't have time to take her picture as I was racing up and down Hillsborough Avenue trying to balance my work life and personal life today (from work to the school, school to Rolly Pollies, Rolly Pollies to downtown, downtown to Rolly Pollies, you get the idea). I did a better job of it today than I usually do -- I actually arrived everywhere on time and didn't leave my son on a curb anywhere waiting for me. Anyway -- I'll try to post TP's picture tomorrow for you.


  1. What are you waiting 4 4 giveness 4?

  2. The picture of the mail order kid is a throwback to my youth. I remember crawling inside a roll of hardware cloth - you know, the metal mesh screen type stuff used to enclose animals - and standing up and walking around like a tree trunk. What I didn't consider though, is that my arms were pinned to my side inside the roll, and I wouldn't be able to break my fall with my hands when I tripped and fell, which of course I did. So I fell flat on my face and my forehead smacked the concrete and left a semi-permenent waffle pattern on my forehead from the wire mesh. I remember that lesson well for some reason. Anyway, it's always great fun to crawl inside small spaces, but I made sure that there was no walking around this time...

  3. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


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