Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Look that Moves Seamlessly from Afternoon to Evening

I promise that this is the last thing I'm going to say about my husband's passive aggressive tendency to dress my 19 month old in things I don't approve of. You will recall that in yesterday's post, I did not post a picture of the dreaded sandal/sock, jumper-flapping outfit because I did not have a picture and was glad one did not exist. Well it just so happens that today I was able to capture for posterity at least a small part of the reported fashion atrocity. This is what my son was wearing when I came home:

But let's move on to today's fashion news. For a child who refuses to keep a cap of any sort on his head, my son certainly likes to put other things on his head. Here he is trying on my older son's shorts as a headdress:

It's really not easy getting it right.

Seriously. You can't see what you're doing when you're trying to position a pair of shorts over your head correctly.

Hmm. This particular orientation of the headdress poses a threat to the safety of others (primarily the dog, who didn't see him coming).

Let's try again.

Now we're talking. It completes the ensemble -- what sandal/sock combo is complete without the headdress?

The headdress is just for daywear, actually. For evening, and maybe a night on the town, the headdress can conveniently be removed when you want to show off the green bean in your hair:


  1. I am getting concerned about your obsession with Mace's fashion sense. Let him be. He is so cute. As long as it is not your "undergarments" that he gets hold of. Now, that is worrying!!!!

  2. Winnie said it best but...I was going to say at least it wasn't Casey's underwear. Kate did the same thing as Mace but it was Ben's underwear that went on her head...Oh and her bathsuits...


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