Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Butternut Squash

If you had sent me to the store a week ago and asked me to pick up some butternut squash for you, I would have said, "How many jars?" Because prior to a week ago, I thought butternut squash was just a name for a way Gerber made baby food. But now, thanks to that Pioneer Woman I'm always talking about, I realize that a butternut squash is, well, an actual squash and it looks like a butternut. Okay, I don't know what a butternut looks like, but if I was going to draw what I thought a butternut looked like, it would look like a butternut squash. And I cooked one yesterday (per the Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule that I am following to a "T" -- except that I did all the Tuesday things on Monday because I had a hearing today). It was very simple, since all I had to do was cut it in half and put the two pieces face down (come to think of it, it was really more "flat side" down, not "face" down because certainly a butternut squash's face wouldn't be on its inside) in the pan, pour some water in it, and then cook it for twice as long as the Pioneer Woman told me to.

Mace kept himself busy with his new best friend while I was dealing with Sir Butternut.

That R2 is a real charmer. I think he's going to give Goggin a run for his money.

R2 is so much more lovable than that cold unfeeling Goggin. R2 at least makes reciprocating chirps and beeps when you kiss him. But back to Sir Butternut:

There he is with his insides all scraped out -- which really wasn't easy, let me tell you -- it reminded me of trying to scrape wallpaper applied in 1976 off of a bathroom wall in 2000. So on Thursday, I will pull the butternut squash puree out of the freezer, heat it up and serve it up with the Turkey. Mace really liked it, so I know at least one person will eat it.


  1. Fancy not knowing what that vegetable is! The Ashwoods love Butternut Squash Cream Soup! Easy to make. I shall give you my own recipe next time....

  2. There is an entire shelf in the grocery store full of vegetables I can't name, actually.


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