Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joe fixed the Scooter

So I have to type really really quiet because Joe is already snoring beside me and I don't want to wake him up until I'm ready to go to sleep myself; which is when I will wiggle the bed just enough to wake him a little, but not enough for him to sit straight up and yell, "WHAT?" But it's really best that he's asleep because if he weren't, he might prevent me from posting the following pictures:

Hey -- who's that coming down the driveway on that flashy scooter that we ended up with because it was unfixable and would keep Grandpa "distracted" from bugging us all to buy him a scooter because gas was soooo expensive that he was spending an extra 80 cents whenever he drove the mile and a half to Dennys? Is that Joe? Did he get that scooter running? Where's he been? To the mall? To the scooter store to get some flashy scooter accessories?

Wow -- that thing's running like a dream -- listen to it purr. Wonder where he's been? Hey Mace, come see what your daddy did -- he got that scooter running. Mace? Mace? Casey -- have you seen Mace?

No. That's not right -- that is not my 19 month old on a scooter, out with his daddy for a little ride. My husband would never do such a thing. Surely that is some other child he picked up at Northern Tool. He knows I would have a conniption fit if he came scooting in the driveway with my son riding on the scooter.

Someone is going to call DCF on us one of these days and I will have absolutely no defense.

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  1. NO you will have no defense--as long as you have pictures AND post them on the INTERNET!!!!!!!


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