Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever

We hosted a party at our house last night for the Church at the Bay Worship Arts and Tech Team. I don't have any pictures of the party itself because I was too busy yakking, and then every 15 minutes I would realize I hadn't seen Mace in 15 minutes so I would jump up and wander through the house and around the porch until I found him --usually being watched by some other very nice mommy who was probably wondering why I was letting my 19 month old wander about in a crowd unsupervised (in my defense, they were all church people and we had baby gates keeping all the children from wandering down the porch steps to the water and up the stairs to the bedrooms -- just in case you were thinking of calling DCF).

Anyway, some of you had heard me talk about the Pioneer Woman blog. It's listed over there to the right with my favorite blogs. The Pioneer Woman posts recipes in one section of her blog and a while back she posted the "Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever." It's very simple to make but it's real. You know -- there's no box mix involved or can of icing -- it's just you, cocoa, butter, sugar, flour and vanilla -- and don't forget the powdered sugar.

So yesterday for the party, my friend Dez and I made the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever. Dez is a little bit "measuring challenged," shall we say, but we muddled through and then we called in the Zippidee Doo Dah Cleaning Crew for the clean up:

Mace is either about to fall over in a sugar seizure or is in such rapture he can't bear to open his eyes all the way.

Mace chased his chocolate with some bug spray, which you would think would help him out today when he got stung by bees, but apparently drinking bug spray does not have the same bug-repelling effect as spraying it on you does (do not call DCF -- I don't let my kids drink bug spray).

I was going to show you a picture of what the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever looks like, but by the time I got the camera out, this was what was left:

I told you it was good. And I ate that little sliver up there in the left hand corner last night before I went to bed, so don't even ask.

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  1. i love your blog. it is different from others. you make me laugh. you are a lady of many talents. you are going to be a famous blogger one day and I can say to them, "i know that lady!"


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