Friday, November 28, 2008

I Was Going to Post Last Night, But . . .

I was too full. Here are a few photos of our day yesterday:

I think Casey is still in those same clothes. We had a pants-optional Thanksgiving, so boxers were perfectly acceptable attire at the dinner table (I know -- you'll all be coming to my house next year). Can you see what Mace is clutching? He's been so obsessed with our keys lately that we had to give him his own set. I can't really explain why there is still a pack of toilet tissue sitting in the kitchen, though I can tell you that Mace is still playing with it (right this minute actually). We are definitely getting by with Christmas on the cheap for Mace this year: keys, toilet paper, toothbrushes and a haircut.

Here is a photo of Big Bird before he went into the oven, while he was coming to room temperature. He's still in the brine and very happy -- it reminded him of when he was in the egg as a wee bird. My solemn promise to you -- I'll never cook a turkey again without brining it. It was so very yummy. So were all of these tasty dishes:

From left to right: fresh corn with wild rice, butternut squash puree, mashed potatoes, whiskey-glazed carrots (y'all were still wondering what I used the whiskey for, weren't you? I also used it in the whiskey cream sauce for the pumpkin cake and as a cleansing agent for the keyboard of my laptop (oops!)). And I know you are waiting for a picture of Big Bird, all brown and plump and lucious and ready to eat -- and I know you Thanksgiving purists will look down on me for not having carved Big Bird at the table, but short of having three ovens, it will always be a challenge for me to get everything hot and to the table at the same time, so Big Bird was carved up about an hour earlier. Look at that -- I even polished up the silver to use!

I have to go now, because I only have an hour or so before the light sabers at Wal-Mart aren't $10 anymore. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: Frolicking Flamingo is about to arrive not having showered -- govern yourself accordingly.


  1. Just curious - are you sure Casey and Mace (see photo) did not have a sip of the Whiskey???? LOL

  2. You know, I was pretty busy, so anything is possible!


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