Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scoring the Biggest Loser Predictions

It's now time to review my predictions for the Biggest Loser 9 Final Four and see if I've earned any Ding Dongs.

As to Prediction 1 -- that at least one member of the Gray Team would make it to the Final Four -- score one Ding Dong for me -- Koli made it to the Final Four.

As to Prediction 2 -- that Daris probably wouldn't get past Episode 4, but I hoped he would make it to Makeover Week so we could see what he would look like without all that hair -- score half a Ding Dong for me -- Daris actually made it to the Final Four, so I was wrong on the first part; but he did make it to Makeover Week and looks GREAT without all that hair.

As to Prediction 3 -- no Ding Dongs for this one, the Green Team got wiped out about 3/4 of the way through, I think. The Mom was holding on to a lot of anger, if I remember correctly (which explains why she was so quiet) and it appears to have sabotaged her weight loss efforts.

As to Prediction 4 -- no Ding Dongs for this one, either. The Red Team had some spectacular drama going on there for awhile but made too many enemies and got voted off about halfway through.

As to Prediction 5 -- This was my big Final Four prediction and I was half right and picked two of the four -- Koli and Michael. Okay -- so I only picked "one of the Gray Team," but they were pretty much interchangeable, so I think I'm entitled to two Ding Dongs (one for each correct pick). And don't be getting all technical with me, saying that Prediction 1 and Prediction 5 are redundant picks.

You didn't chime in, so you don't get any Ding Dongs.

I, on the other hand, get 3 1/2. I'm going to start working on them right after I finish this bowl of Lucky Charms.

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  1. Keep up this reward system and you'll be making to the final four


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