Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Karate Testing

Casey's belt testing in karate took place last week. (My apologies to Dr. Kinnamon for that odd passive voice sentence but the alternative active voice is "Casey was belt-tested in karate last week." And that just sounds weird.) This was his first year in karate and even though I think it was difficult for him at times (that karate teacher is soooo much tougher than Flamingo Joe -- no offense, honey), overall I think he enjoyed it.

The interesting thing about karate classes is that I just can't help Casey with it. Very tough position for me to be in as it completely goes against my inherent controlling nature to not be able to tell him how to do something the right way. Occasionally, I would ask him to show me whatever he was doing for the tournament or testing and he would move his arms around, punching and blocking and it seemed like maybe something wasn't quite right, but what do I know? I could no more help him with the "forms" or review "white belt three step sparring" with him to save my life. It was all him.

Disregard the very un-karatelike silly band on his wrist -- he's really very serious about karate.

See? Very serious. Look at that face.

And look at that -- he did it without me. He earned his yellow belt all by himself. Sigh.

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