Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Karate Teacher v. Flamingo Joe

A point of clarification:

Yesterday, in my Karate Testing post, I told you that Casey's Karate teacher is "sooooo much tougher than Flamingo Joe." Well -- and maybe you saw this coming -- I got in trouble for that. In the car tonight, Flamingo Joe says, "Whaddya mean I'm not as tough?"

So -- here's the point of clarification -- when I said that the Karate teacher is "tougher" I meant that he is much more strict, not that he could take more kicks to the abdomen than my husband, which he might not be able to do. My husband's a bamboo farming, software consulting, handymanning, tractor driving drummer -- even the Karate teacher couldn't take him down. So are we all clear now that my husband is definitely more of a man than the Karate teacher?

Okay, good.

In other Flamingo news -- Mace is potty-trained. Do you hear the angels singing? Do you hear the Pampers' and Huggies' CEOs gnashing their teeth? A couple of days ago, Mace started running off to the bathroom by himself and coming out three or four minutes later with no pants on. Turns out he was actually taking care of business in there all by himself.

So now when he squats down like this and bites his lower lip, he's just squatting. And that's all.

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