Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potty Training Update #2

We're making progress.

No, really.

Mace now goes to school in underwear, not Pull-Ups, but still has to be taken to the potty every 45 minutes or so because he won't tell anyone that he needs to go and prefers to just wet his pants instead of going to the trouble of mentioning his need.

At home, we usually resort to the tried and true method of letting him run around naked because for some inexplicable reason, when he needs to go and there's nothing there to catch it, he's much more likely to get himself to the potty on his own.

Unfortunately, letting him run around naked means he has discovered that he does, in fact, have boy parts and that they are super super fun to play with. Like -- all the time (I'm pretty sure there's an entire chapter devoted to this in James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys, but I'm way too busy to read it). So now I have delightful conversations like this with my 3 year old (like -- all the time):

Mace: (big gasp!) Ma! It LONG!

Me: Stop playing with it and it won't be long anymore.

Mace: (now pushing on it) No -- it LONG!!

Me: Seriously, son, stop playing with it. I mean it.

Mace: No -- I push it back in.

Me: That won't work -- you can't push it back in -- you have to stop playing with it and it won't be long anymore. Stop it. I mean it. Stop. JOE -- CAN YOU BRING ME SOME UNDERWEAR FOR MACE???

Here's another good one:

Mace: Ma! It popped!

Me: What popped?

Mace: My bottom.

Me: Your bottom popped?

Mace: Uh-huh -- it popped.

It's just so beautiful to see a young child discover that flatulence sounds different when he's naked -- isn't that what parenting is all about? Precious, precious moments.

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