Monday, December 1, 2008

This picture says so much about my day. Just in case your mind cannot process everything happening in this one photo, please note the following: 1) car seat is not in the car; 2) car seat fabric covering is missing; 3) Mace is sans pants; 4) annoying play electric guitar is clenched tightly in his hands.

Do you ever have days when you think maybe God is trying to tell you something but you really can't put your finger on what it is? I was getting a gist of it and then the day started unraveling. The highlights: 1) our nanny put a swim diaper on Mace thinking it was a pull-up, so by the time we got home from picking Casey up from school and going by the uniform store he was soaking wet and the car seat was, too; Mace being soaked was not a big deal -- cause he can be changed -- it was the car seat cover that presented a problem and took me thirty minutes to get off the plastic base so that I could throw it in the wash; 2) Casey took off his glasses at the uniform store to look through a pair of toy binoculars and left them there, but by the time I realized it I had already dismantled the car seat so we couldn't go back to get them; 3) the rest of the day involved chili cheese hamburger helper and a very nice German couple, but if I went into all that I wouldn't have the strength to post this photo of the house:

Ooooh --- ahhhh. Sooooo prettty. I'm thinking we need to put the icicle lights up on the second story roof too, though. Joe is still insulted about the car washing comment from yesterday's post, so it looks like I'll be doing the second story lights myself.


  1. The people you were expecting to come at 5:30 came later and you had dinner with them. What better way to end a day. Then Jesus smiled...

  2. You always believe the best in me -- that's why you are such a good friend. Actually -- I didn't want to insult those nice people by offering them chili cheese hamburger helper, so I gave them free legal advice instead. Hey -- I should have given them one of those Gift Revolution cards!

  3. WOW!What a day. Swimmy diaper...Wow...LOL

  4. your patience showed so graciously through all the trauma you had. well done! now you can face another challenging day and you will just go laughing all the way home!!!!


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