Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disintegrating Toilets

So I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to post a video onto my blog and I never got it to work. I suspect that the root of the problem lies along a spectrum that has my impatience at one end and dinner at the other. I'm sure Joe could figure it out but he's busy putting lights up, trying to get the water filtration system working like it should, and generally being a handy husband. Last night he fixed the upstairs toilet. Twice. And then he fixed it again this morning.

Now that it's out in the open I don't mind telling you that our toilets break all the time. You may think that's something to be ashamed of ("Geez, what are they eating over there?"), but it's because of the nasty water we have that can eat through stainless steel. The inside parts of the toilets just disintegrate every few months. Our water is like a weapon of mass destruction -- you could just spray it over the enemy and all their guns, bombs, tanks, and humvees would evaporate, while the stink of it would make enemy soldiers fall over dead. All of our brand new faucets, our dishwasher, and now, I suspect, our washing machine, have fallen victim to Satan's water. Don't worry, I'm not going to post a photo of the inside of one of our toilets.

I was reading someone else's blog today and she referred to her husband as HWSBBA (He Who Shan't Be Blogged About). I'm pretty sure Joe wishes I had adopted that policy when I started this blog, but now it's too late. Cat's out of the bag and all that. Really. No going back. Sorry honey.


  1. Your blog tonight would have been complete with a photo - okay probably not the toilet but Joe fixing it???? BTW, changing subject here - I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights around your house - please no more photos of that, I want to be surprised with awe and wander of your creativity okay? Goodnight my pal!

  2. The acronym does little to hide my DH's identity....especially since I don't blog anonymously, but i can save face by saying I didn't name names :-)


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