Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Joy of Giving

Casey: "Mom. I don't really get the joy of giving. I get the joy of getting, but not the joy of giving."

Mom: "Hmm, okay -- well, do you remember when you shopped for Mace at your little Christmas Boutique at school this year? Do you remember how you felt when you saw the truck you bought him and knew that it was a toy that he would really like? Did that make you feel happy?"

Casey: "No."

Mom: "Let's try this again. Think about Christmas morning and how you are going to feel when Mace opens up his present from you and how excited he will be -- won't that make you happy?"

Casey: "Well. I guess."

Mom: "We'll work on this again next year. At least you understand it's a concept."

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  1. That is so funny, weren't we just talking about that?


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