Monday, February 15, 2010

Casa Flamingo Drive-In

Last week, Mace became obsessed with the oven. Several times a day on Thursday and Friday he pulled all the pots and pans out of the cabinet and put them in and out of the oven several times.

At some point on Thursday afternoon, we discovered that Mace had apparently been feeding his oven obsession for longer than we realized because he brought me this (which he had just discovered and taken out of the oven):

"Me cooked car."

Since the oven was not on, he clearly had not just cooked the car -- he had to have put the car in the oven several days earlier and then we cooked something without knowing the car was in there. You can't see it, but the windows are all melted out and the inside of the car is completely fused all over itself. The wheels are completely melted.

I have a few thoughts to share in regard to the cooked car:

1. The boy clearly takes after his mother.

2. How horrible are my cooking skills that I can't differentiate between the smell of melting/burning/possibly igniting car and pizza burning off the bottom of the oven? And . . .

3. This poor guy here has no idea what hideous death is in his future:

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