Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I think I may be wasting money on these children's schooling.

And yes, this picture was taken just after dinner but before showers, so that means Mace has worn nothing but pajamas for three straight days (not the same pair, though, so that counts for something).

A few years ago, when Casey was still in diapers, Grandma and I were out running errands and for some reason we'd stripped Casey down to his diaper -- either he'd had a blowout diaper somewhere and we'd changed the diaper but didn't have any clean clothes for him, or he'd gotten his clothes wet by spilling something on them, I don't know. But he was wearing a diaper and that was it. We decided to go through the drive-through at Burger King, but it was closed, so Grandma suggested we go in. I said no way, I am not taking my child into Burger King with nothing but a diaper on, what kind of hick do you think I am. Grandma said something along the lines of get over yourself, don't be a snob, it's not like you'll know anyone in there anyway. So, shocked at being called a snob by dear sweet little Grandma Elsie, I put the boy on my hip and in we went. No sooner had we gotten in line at the counter, then a partner from the large law firm where I was working at the time got in line right behind us, recognized me, looked at Casey kind of strange, then looked away like I hadn't worked on two projects for him within the previous 6 months. I was mortified.

So today, when Mace was home from school for the third day in a row and Grandma decided she really had to go to the store, she said something along the lines of you go on downstairs and work and I'll take Mace with me to the store. Then she looked at me and said, with a little lift to her eyebrows, I'll just take him in his pajamas. Immediately, my stomach knotted up and I broke into a cold sweat, but I knew Grandma was trying to get a rise out of me, so I said something along the lines of that's fine, I won't be there, but I hope you see someone you know there. She really took him in his pajamas, but if she saw someone she knew while she was there she didn't let on when she got back.

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