Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Victim

Our stinky water has claimed another victim --

Our $900 dishwasher purchased only a few years ago after we moved into this house has joined the ranks of a $5000 Culligan water filtration system and every single plumbing fixture in our house and had to be junked last weekend. So Grandma let us move her dishwasher from her apartment into our kitchen. Very nice of her, knowing as she must, that her dishwasher will also die soon.

Flamingo Joe is working methodically on the fix, however. On Sunday, he successfully completed Step 2 of the Great Water Fix of 2010. Well, I assume it was successful -- he messed with a bunch of wires that I assume were connected to the electricity and he didn't electrocute himself and we still have power in the house. That's success in my book.

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  1. Nice to have a "spare" and a very sweet mother-in-law. YaYa


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