Wednesday, July 1, 2009

V Minus 1 And Counting

The Flamingos are supposed to be going on vacation tomorrow. It's been touch and go on whether we'd really be going -- we needed new tires, new brakes, and a new serpentine belt for the car. As you know, those things cost money. So does gas. Campgrounds. And food. But as this is likely the only vacation we're gonna get this year, we're forging ahead and acting like we're really going. God willing and my clients' checks clear, we'll be on our way to North Carolina tomorrow.

Today was V Minus 1 Day And Counting, so that means Flamingo Joe had to pull the trailer out of its little spot by the house where it has been slumbering peacefully lo' these many months and make sure it was in tip-top towing shape. Since we purchased it a couple of years ago, we've actually hooked the trailer up and taken it somewhere maybe four times -- and one of those trips doesn't really count because we only towed it up to church to use as a prop for a tailgate party (if you want more explanation on that I really can't help you). Other than that, the Airstream serves as the Adult Beverage Trailer for Christmas parties and other events. It's also served as a halfway house for one of our good friends for a month or so. So it's not like it's never getting used. But we haven't really been out there in a couple (four or five) months.

After Joe pulled it out today and parked it in front of the house steps (for maximum packing convenience), he went inside it and realized that it was leaking from the ceiling in several spots. If you live here, you know that it has been raining for about 72 hours straight. So I'm guessing that for the last 72 hours water has been pouring into the inside of the camper. The mattresses and cushions were nearly soaked and the floor was a big puddle. And it was still raining, so there was no sealing the top of the camper in the rain. We solved the problem the old-fashioned way (no, not with duct tape!):

That's a tarp. Thankfully, it has stopped raining now, but we're expecting more here tomorrow. I checked the weather for the next four days in the two places where we'll be parking the trailer and there's no rain in the forecast there, but I'm going to make sure the tarp comes with us.

I'm hoping to update the blog every day on our trip (who is that laughing?), and if I do I will keep you posted on Flamingo Joe's Cranky Level as well as the weather. FJ is not really a good traveler -- that's usually my fault because I make him take vacations where he has to do work and he's not having a good time on a trip unless . . . well, unless he's not having to do any of the work. I get that -- it's supposed to be a vacation, after all. And as much fun as camping is for the kids, who totally love it, it's a lot of work for the adults, especially Joe. Also, Joe doesn't consider parking a trailer at a KOA "camping" so I'm sure he'll leave a comment about how he wouldn't mind doing all that work if we were really "camping" with the kids (yeah, right, like I'm signing up for that!). But kids love campgrounds and I like hauling the food with us so I don't have to take the two year old in a restaurant if I don't feel like it (and I never feel like it).

So I'll keep you posted. I hope.

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  1. Have a safe trip there and back and keep us posted just in case you need rescuing!!!!


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