Sunday, June 28, 2009


I knew this was bound to happen one day -- I would put something out there on the blog and then I would have to go back and retract it. This is why I avoid spilling my guts about politics, religion, and the European Union. But I had a niggling feeling when I posted a couple of days ago that I would regret having written Thursday's post because when my son turned 12 he was going to read it and resent me (as if my making him wear madras wouldn't be reason enough).

One of Casey's favorite activities is trying to prove me wrong, but it usually turns out kind of weird -- (Me) "Casey, you can't run around in your underwear when we have company over." (Casey) "Oh yeah? Well how about if I make macaroni and you have to stand in it?" I'm pretty sure Casey is not a regular reader of my blog, but judging by his willingness to put himself directly in harm's way today, I'm starting to think that maybe he gets up in the middle of the night, boots up the computer, clicks on the Internet Explorer Icon, pulls down the favorites tab, and links to my blog. Look at what he did today while we were at Heidi's pool (just to prove me wrong):

His dad taught him that in three stages: sitting on the edge and rolling in, then squatting on the edge and rolling in, then standing. So here's Casey teaching Ben how to do it:

Out of character: Casey doing something head first.

In character: teaching someone else to do something head first as if he invented the whole idea of going into a pool head first.

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