Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boating on the Intercoastal -- or is it Intracoastal?

We have a boat, which is for sale. All boats are for sale, by the way. So far as I can tell no one in Florida actually ever keeps a boat. There are only two states of boat possession here: the first is shopping for a boat and the second is selling the boat. I've never said to anyone on the lake, "Hey, I like your boat!" without the other person saying, "Thanks! It's for sale if you're interested!" So, of course, our boat is for sale, like every other boat in Florida.

In the meantime, however, we take it out every 8 months or so. Last weekend was one of those occasions. Mace loves the boat.

Casey, not so much:

He doesn't like to go over 2 mph in the boat and tells Joe, "Dad, not too fast! Not too fast!" in an obsessive-compulsive manner the entire time the boat is moving. He doesn't enjoy himself until we get there.

See how happy he is? On this particular trip, we met up with some work friends of Joe's and boated out to a tiny little island in the intercoastal waterway. Four or five other boats were anchored there as well and my children learned some new words. But they had a good time. Casey made a friend, like he always does. He doesn't care where we go so long as other kids will be there. Neither Joe nor I were like that as kids, so I'm not sure where his friend-seeking genetic material came from. Though, really, I think he likes to make to new friends because he likes to have new people to boss around. So maybe he has my DNA after all.

Mace really didn't like being confined to floating around with me.

He preferred swimming on his own.

Someone is being very careless with that child. Where is his parent?

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