Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Losing Quarterback Anderson Dares to Laugh During Game

***Disclaimer: This post was researched for all of two minutes on the internet by my research assistant (i.e., me) who only cares about professional football if Brad Johnson is playing (and he's not anymore); therefore, the opinions expressed in this post are unenlightened, for all intents and purposes unresearched, and may be offensive to anyone who actually cares about profesional football.***

In case you haven't heard (which I find hard to believe, since it is such really really big news, on the order of health care reform and nuclear attacks), Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Derek Anderson, actually laughed while talking with a teammate on the sidelines last night during Monday Night Football while his team was getting beaten by the San Francisco 49ers and is being excoriated by sportscasters and other professional sporting types.

The absolute unmitigated nerve of that guy to actually set an example for your kids (mine have never heard of Monday Night Football) and show them that playing sports is fun even when your team is losing.

Seriously, who does that guy think he is? A guy who plays a game for living?


(The sad part is that instead of consulting me prior to the post-game press conference, where he could have been counseled along the above lines, he blew his cool and stormed off. I'm hoping all those impressionable young children were in bed by then and only saw him laughing.)

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