Saturday, June 26, 2010

Way to Go, Rocket!

For almost a month, Flamingo Joe and I have been awakened intermittently at night by the sound of a voice saying, "Way to go, ______!" There's a blank there because we couldn't tell what the voice was saying. I was convinced it was Diego saying "Way to go, Falcon!" But I wasn't sure why Diego was encouraging a falcon and I could not remember any toy we had where Diego encouraged anything, much less a falcon.

But the voice sounded just like Diego's.

Several nights, either FJ or I would actually get up out of bed and go in search of the voice. When it was me, I would stumble into the playroom and stand there, sort of swaying with my eyes half open, waiting for the voice to speak. I felt a little like Samuel.

It wouldn't speak, so I would start rummaging through bins looking for a Diego toy. We have a Diego Field Journal and a Diego Nature Center, neither of which could I ever get to recreate the "Way to go, _____!" sound. Regardless, I would take both of those toys downstairs so that if Diego yelled again, we wouldn't hear it. It made me feel better. And for a few nights Diego wouldn't wake us up and the toys would eventually make it back upstairs.

Two nights ago, Diego was at it again, but instead of being content to encourage falcon or whomever only once or twice. He encouraged five or six times -- once every three minutes or so. I dragged myself out of bed, stumbled to the playroom, grabbed the Field Journal and Nature Center and took them downstairs. Then I went back to bed and fell asleep.

For five minutes . . . until I heard, "Way to go, _____!"

But since I didn't know where the noise was coming from (and it obviously wasn't coming from the Field Journal and Nature Centere which were now out of earshot), there was nothing I could do but sleep for three minutes at a time until morning.

When I got up and went downstairs in the morning, as I was passing by the couch I said something really upbeat and positive about the horrible night I'd had, "Stupid toy! It won't shut up! What is it even saying? 'Way to go, Falcon?"

Casey, who was sitting on the couch, said, "Mom, it's saying, 'Way to go, Rocket!"

"What?!" I said. I had asked Casey several weeks ago what he thought was making that sound, but I think the toy never woke him until two nights ago.

"It's that toy that has a maze on it and it has Diego on one side and Little Einsteins on the other" he informed me.

It took me a few minutes to figure out which toy he was talking about because we don't own any toy that has Diego on one side and Little Einsteins on the other . . . but we do have a toy that has those weeble wobble characters on one side and Little Einsteins on the other.

So I went off in search of it and sure enough, I found it and was able to recreate the sound:

"Way to go, Rocket!"

And then I threw it out.

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