Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Day

On Friday, Heidi and I took our kids to the beach. We slopped on the sunscreen at home, loaded them in the car with Pop-Tarts, and headed south to Pass-A-Grille.

Heidi prefers not to go to the beach with her children alone because she's afraid the huge Gulf waves will sweep her children out to sea:


But this isn't a blog post to make fun of Heidi and her miscellaneous paranoias. She's a good mommy who looks after her children and keeps them safe. And she teaches them all about those little sea creatures who have tongues that come out of their shells and dig back into the sand:

She kept the kids entertained for an hour looking for the little varmints.

Heidi is also a muy excellente professional photographer, so her blog post regarding our jaunt to the beach has muy better photos.

And when you check out her post, you will see that Mace did not spend the entire day cheesing it up for the camera.

Just most of it.

And because Heidi did not humiliate me by showing everyone what I look like in a bathing suit these days, I photo-shopped (isn't it funny how we make verbs out of nouns?) her out of that picture with the big wave up there. And I have also decided NOT to post the video of Heidi running around in the water chasing fish, though by far that was the single most entertaining thing that happened on the beach last Friday. Yes, you are welcome, dear friend.

Look behind Mace down the beach in that shot. Note that there is almost no one else on the beach. That is either because 1) we're in a really bad economy and no one can afford to vacation; 2) the money BP gave Florida to advertise the fact that there is no oil on our beaches is wasted money if there is actually oil on some beaches (but not ours on the West Coast . . . yet); or 3) it's still 10:00 in the morning and the beaches don't fill up until almost noon. My guess is that it's a combination of all three. By noon, there were more people on the beach, but it was nothing like what you would expect on a Florida beach in the summer. So if you are indeed contemplating a vacation to Florida this summer, come on down, there's no oil on our west coast beaches.

But there are REALLY HUGE WAVES you should watch out for.

This concludes my effort to bolster Florida's economy.

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