Friday, March 19, 2010


A few years ago while visiting YaYa and PopPop, when Casey was three or four years old, I think, we bought him this Step 2 pedal car so he’d have something to ride whenever he visited them in Georgia. At the time, he showed about 2 minutes’ worth of interest in it (once I finished the two hour assembly process) and then ignored the car until we arrived at YaYa and PopPop’s this past Sunday afternoon.

The car is obviously not made for an 87 pound 7 year old, yet here he is pretending it’s a bobsled (of course). He rode that car around YaYa and PopPop’s driveway for three days this week, racing himself in time trials and trying different positions for better aerodynamics.

It’s becoming clear to me that we are keeping this poor child from his true calling as a winter sports enthusiast by living in Florida. We can arrange for ice skating lessons and put him in ice hockey classes, but I haven’t found anywhere in central Florida that offers bobsledding, luge or skeleton classes. And maybe you’ve picked up on this, but I am not a fan of cold weather, thus, I am not really a fan of any winter sport that takes place outdoors -- unless I can watch said sport while looking out of a large picture window from the comfort of the lodge while sitting in an overstuffed chair in front of a roaring fire. So I’m really hoping Casey’s path to the Olympic Winter Games takes more of an indoor route. Speed skating or ice hockey would be okay, but I've heard some meets up north are held outside and if Nationals or the Olympic Trials were in Michigan or something and held outside, then Casey might have to cheer himself on while his mom waited in the car depending on the wind chill.

I have heard there’s a curling club somewhere down in St. Pete. Maybe I'll give them a call.

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