Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Flamingo Cafe

Chance has been stalking one of our trash cans for the past three days. Everytime I walked by the trash can on the way from my office up to the front door, Chance was sitting by this trash can. Chance stalks food on the kitchen counter the same way, so I didn't think anything of it. Once, yesterday, I thought to myself, "Maybe I should make sure there's not an animal in that trash can -- but if there was and it was dead, it would stink by now. If it was alive I'd hear it." So I kept passing Chance and that trash can for three days.

A few minutes ago I was going to upload some photos from my camera so I could post and I saw there was a new video on the memory card. Apparently, Joe had decided to actually see why Chance was stalking the trash can.

My favorite part about that video is that Joe is completely silent. No commentary. No squealing like a girl. Just a dude and his video camera making sure his wife has blog fodder. Such devotion. And don't you love it that he just let me find it on the camera and didn't run in and tell me about it after it happened? Had I known he was going to show such strength of character in our marriage, I would have made him marry me much sooner.

I'm pretty sure the possum was just waiting to have some Pulled Pork Pea Surprise sandwiches, which for some reason he assumed would end up in the trash can, not having been gobbled up by the kids.


In spite of the "look" he really ate that entire sandwich in the end. And it was his idea to hide the peas in the sandwich, not mine.


  1. It's like watching that show "wild kingdom". "Peter" the possum could have gotten into Grandmas car! Also, Peter didnt really seem interested in leaving the trash can. There wasn't enough video to where he actually ended up. Was he released back into the wild?

  2. I think he was hiding in the storage area on the other side of Grandma's garage. Joe never saw him leave. He's probably back in one of the trash cans by now. I don't possum are very smart. Or maybe that's armadillos I'm thinking of. All I know is that they can go three days without food and live to tell.


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