Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is how Mace has been keeping Grandma occupied for the past few days. He knows he has to keep her busy or she'll get into trouble by spending her day ironing and sewing and fetching and carrying for everyone else. So he makes sure she has something to do. Almost from the moment he wakes up he finds Grandma, grabs her hand and takes her into her laundry room where she has to get the little dustbuster vacuum off the charger for him. Then he grabs her hand again and takes her to the broom and motions for her to start sweeping.

She sweeps, he vacuums.

She sweeps some more. He vacuums.

And this goes on for quite some time until Mace spots a motorcycle (or truck, or airplane, or piece of crust) on the floor. You may think he's distracted because he's not holding the vacuum anymore, but he's not -- he leaves the vacuum running.

And after he's done with playing with (or eating) whatever he found on the floor, he gets back to work.

I'm going to teach him how to make cinnamon rolls next. I mean, I like clean floors and all, but I love cinnamon rolls.


  1. As the good Book says "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it!" When it comes to having two boys in the family, It is always the second child that is domesticated. Phil is the brainy one and his younger brother is the practical one around the house. It passes on to the next generation, Matthew is the brainy one but when it comes to housework, he'll say "David can do it". David uses his brain and his practicality. Whatever I need doing, David comes to my mind first. Ask him to cook, bake, clean, iron, etc, David is the one. I am sure that is the case with Casey and Mace too.

  2. This is just too funny!!!


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