Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trashy Aunt Samantha

Trashy Aunt Samantha, Trashy Angel/Mrs. Claus/Pirate's very patriotic twin sister, is out again after apparently staying indoors during our recent cold snap. I can only assume she is dressed as she is because it's tax season (which begs the question, do you feel more or less patriotic during tax season?) or because this coming Monday is President's Day. I suspect her wardrobe can be blamed on tax season, however, because I first got the call regarding her outfit at the beginning of last week.

So if Trashy Aunt Samantha is all decked out in her patriotic gear for tax season (or even President's Day, for that matter), what is she going to wear on a true patriotic holiday? She's a public figure now -- like Michelle Obama -- so she cannot be seen in public wearing the same thing twice -- just like the first lady can never wear that red and black dress again. Maybe on 4th of July, Trashy Aunt Samantha can dress as a firecracker or a founding father.

And is she just skipping Valentine's Day? No cupid outfit? Maybe she had a bad breakup recently and is boycotting the holiday altogether or maybe she refuses to participate in Hallmark holidays.


  1. I'm becoming very suspicious - you two seem to have all the exact same outfits...


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