Monday, February 9, 2009

Petit Fours and Profile Pictures

After looking at some of our awful profile pictures on Facebook, Dez and Heidi came up with the idea for a party where Heidi, our favorite photographer (, would take new profile pictures for us to put on our Facebook pages.

So we sissified the front porch, pulled out the paraffin wax torture devices, and dolled ourselves up to have petit fours, egg salad sandwiches cut into little triangles, and sweet tea.

One by one, Heidi took us out into the yard and took our pictures.

And while we were each waiting for our turn, we dipped our hands into scalding hot paraffin wax and then wrapped them in plastic and cloth gloves. Seriously, it was heaven.

As you can see, some of us enjoyed it even more than others.

When Joe came out to see why all these crazy women were still at our house four hours later, we convinced him to try the paraffin wax.

I took that picture about five minutes before I took his gloves and plastic off and started trying to get the now-cooled and hardened wax off his hands. See, the rest of us had nice smooth girlie hands and the wax just peeled right off. Joe, being a man and all, has all that hair on the backs of his hands.

Or he used to.

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