Sunday, January 30, 2011


In microsoccer, you've really got to get on top of the basics.

Chasing down the pack (whether they've actually got the ball or not):

And elbowing the opposition out of the way:

But conditioning to stay in top form . . .

. . . and looking cool in your soccer socks . . .

. . . can really only get you so far in microsoccer.

You've really got to get a handle on, well, not actually handling the ball.

Mace's strategy at his first microsoccer game last weekend was to get to the ball first so he could grab it.

And then run with it:

But those socks are totally cute, right?


  1. why in the world are they playing soccer inside a gym???

  2. You want those sweet babies to play outside in the cold? Or the rain? I actually think they play indoors so that the coaches can keep better track of the players. As it is, the players like to wander over to the other game on the other side of the gym or out into the hallway.


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