Monday, September 13, 2010

Root Beer Poocakes

I’m thinking about starting a sub-blog that relates in a roundabout way to cooking. Seeing as how I simply steal all my recipes from other people, it really wouldn’t be right to call it a cooking blog. It would really be more like a blog about things I wish I could cook well if I had the time and talent. I could organize my posts into categories like: “Total Waste of the 6 Hours it Took for Me to Actually Get This In the Oven” and “What ARE Capers?”

And then there's the "Tastes Great But Looks Like Poo" Category, into which Red Velvet Cake Balls and Root Beer Cupcakes, which I made yesterday, fall. If you like root beer at all, Root Beer Cupcakes are great. The kids really liked them. In spite of the fact that they looked like, well, piles of poo.

If you don’t like root beer, you should do what our dinner guest did and ask for a bag to take your Root Beer Cupcake home because you are “too full.” I’m pretty sure someone at our guest’s apartment complex answered their door last night and then looked down to see a flaming bag that smelled suspiciously like root beer.

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