Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bird Mystery Solved (no thanks to you)

I know the prize I offered up wasn't swank or anything, but where is your competitive spirit? We live in America, people -- we compete because we CAN, not because a prize is dangled in front of us!

I drive by a dentist's office every weekday on my way to and from Casey's school. For the past two weeks or so the dentist has had the following message on his sign: "Remember nobody wins unless everybody wins." Um. No. What in the heck does that even mean? If nobody wins then everybody has lost because that means no one even tried to win and that's pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

But back to you -- has Obamunism so weakened your inner drive to succeed that you can't even bother now to jump into a friendly little game of "Name that Bird"???? You figure someone else will do it for you, is that it? Someone who's getting some Bailout money is going to give you the answer and tell you not to worry they'll cover your mortgage payment this month, too?

Okay, I'm done abusing the four people who read this blog so I'm going to tell you -- it's a Cedar Waxwing, a Bombycilla cedrorum, in case you're into latin names.

I found it in my Birds of Florida Book -- must have zipped right by it the first time I looked last week. And this explains why there were so many of them in one tree: "Mostly seen in flocks, moving from area to area, looking for berries . . . . Spends most of its time at the tops of tall trees." They probably thought the puny excuses for tomatoes I have growing on the Porch Where Tomato Plants Come to Die were actually plump green berries. When the birds saw there were only two, they flew off to somewhere else. Good thing I got a picture when I did.

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