Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Writing Process

Sometimes if I just start typing I think of something to blog about. Nope. Nothing this time.

It helps if I turn off the TV [picking up remote, pretending to turn off Brothers and Sisters. Can't quite bring herself to do it]. Nope. Still nothing [but that Rob Lowe is a handsome devil, isn't he?].

Next, I browse through my pictures -- it looks something like this:

Hmm. How about this one?

Kids in a box. Cute -- but Mace looks a little frightened and Casey looks a little psychotic and I've already done a "kid in a box" post and I don't think I could get a whole post out of this, even if I combined it with this next picture:

Clearly Mace gets his revenge, but there's nothing out of the ordinary there. Won't make a blog post. Next!

We went bowling yesterday with the Worship Arts Team from church. It was fun, but only a couple of unexpected things happened, one being captured (and possibly imprisoned forever) on a video in Heidi's camera and one being captured here:

While this technique did result in one strike, it did not prove to be a winning strategy in the end. Get it? In the end?

Still. If I wrote an entire blog post about that, I'm pretty sure that the really really good friend of mine who belongs to that rear-end would stop speaking to me (though I do have a close up shot and my really really really good friend has to know how very deeply I cherish her friendship because I did not post the close up, which is really the funnier picture). So . . . .

No blog fodder from the pictures. I've been waiting for just this moment -- when I completely run out of topics -- to pull out the old standby of bloggers everywhere. When we run out of things to blog about, we check our stats in Google Analytics and pull up the list of keywords that get typed in search engines that land people on our blogs. Here's the list:

an X-rated Christmas (I hate to think where that person eventually ended up on the web. ick.)

froicking flamingo

best petit fours in Tampa (they were good, but I haven't tried all the petit fours in Tampa)

champagne cake

chocolate flamingo (do they make those? who will be getting me one for my birthday?)

flamingo joe (my favorite)

flamingo meaning (hmm. deep.)

how to make buttercream flamingos (do they make those? who will be getting me one for my birthday?

kids dance about ice cream

p90x abdominal

p90x and flatulence (Joe thinks there's an entire blog post in this one. I told him he could write it.)

pictures of petit fours (why would you want pictures when Publix makes some you can actually eat?)

salty buttercream (People. I covered this in the blog post. Salt + buttercream = devastation.)

unsalted butter v. salted butter icing (apparently this person and I need the same cooking class)

we need flamingos because . . . (because they write occasionally witty blog posts that more often than not slide backwards into drivel, but we don't care cause the kids are cute!)


  1. This will not be used as my profile pic on facebook, but I wil be interested to see if I get any new male friend requests.....

  2. Should have commented as anonymous - now we not the end of the mystery.

    You use "blog fodder" like it's a common term. It mine - I made it up and copywrited it.

    I'm also adopting "Flamingo Joe" as my new moniker - assuming he's not associated with the X rated Christmas.

  3. Only thing missing is spell check. NOT that I KNOW how to spell KNOW anyway....


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